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Chat Room News and Guide 1. Please read the Chat Room Chgistian christian chatting. Our chat room 'CatholiChat' is the main room and is for socializing, faith sharing as well as religious discussion. Our text chat software is the support available and features avatars, small images to represent you emoticons and sounds, to name a few.

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If you have had what you consider an unpleasant chay with another guest or a member of our Staff, refrain from discussing it in the room for everyone to see.

So we each have a choice and option to put our faith in Jesus and be saved. While we celebrate and have the greatest respect for the many different nationalities and cultures of God's Children, the vast majority of our guests speak english.

Special notice

Remember that you are a guest here and that you have no rights expressed or implied. Our staff and the guests are more than willing to be helpful to answer any questions you may have after you first try to find the answers yourself on the help.

Postings for websites that are secular in nature must be tasteful and adhere to Christian values. Chat Room Rules The rules listed below are not intended to be burdensome christisn anyone.

Proselytizing of any sort will not be tolerated. Instead you are invited to and discuss it with the the Chat Manager.

Bigotry chag any type will not be tolerated. Counseling others is not permitted under any circumstance. Please avoid asking others in the room "how do I?

Need to chat?

Several things usually go on behind the scenes which you may not be aware of. Our job as Christians is to listen and pray for others needs.

Street talk and vulgar language are not tolerated. They bend over backwards trying to serve everyone and be as fair as possible while doing the best they can to enforce the rules for the benefit of the majority of our guests.

The atmosphere of all our chat rooms is the same that you would expect at any Church social function. Our chat rooms exist primarily for members of the Catholic Church. In order for that to happen, he gave us free will to choose — otherwise that relationship would not be real.

Jesus, who was perfect, died and then rose from supoprt dead to defeat ALL sin. Posting of urls, commonly known as web site addresses in the chat rooms is permitted.

Current issue

Unfortunately, man used that free will to disobey God and that brought sin into the world. And that some personal views expressed by some of our guests in chat may not be fully in line with the Catholic Church. However, there are some simple rules to chat that can prevent you from being bothered by inappropriate behavior: Don't give out personal chrstian about yourself, your family situation, your school, your telephone christian, or your address. However, the Good News is that God loves us so much that he has a plan to restore his creation and our relationship with him.

You will be asked to change it if another chat of identity is attempted. Our text chat software is the latest available supporh supports avatars, small images to represent you emoticons and sounds, to name a few. Always verify any christian statements with a reliable Catholic source a priest, official print media etc. Our Staff Members are highly dedicated and conscientious individuals and are people of Christuan. Our chat room 'CatholiChat' is the main room and is for socializing, faith sharing as well as religious discussion.

Stay updated!

The rooms may be monitored both visible and invisible for your security and to help maintain a pleasant chat environment for everyone. But are intended to: promote a pleasant and friendly supporr environment, promote common courtesy, maintain a good level of security and safety for the guests, to christian respect christiaan consideration for one another, and lastly to maintain the respect and dignity that our Faith and its supports deserve.

We want to help you understand and make that commitment to Jesus. Please see rule chat below.

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He sent his son, Jesus, to pay the penalty for our sins. So please be kind, considerate and respectful to them. Also not permitted is posting a website url that sells goods, services or solicits money.

Your conversation and demeanor are expected to reflect this atmosphere. Please use your real name or a variation of it, such as Rick or Rich for Richard etc.

Repeated messages in rapid succession also called 'flooding' with the intent to disrupt the room or conversation is not permitted. God created christizn and wanted us to experience true relationship and love with him.